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Here's what is included
✅ The Fitness Sales Funnel
✅ ClickFunnels Fitness Website
✅ Member Review Funnel
✅ @Home Fitness Funnel
✅ WordPress Website
✅ 1 Year Web Hosting Service 
✅ 180 Fitness Blog Posts 
✅ 600 Fitness Images

Video Training
🎦 How To Build Your Website 
🎦 How To Build a Sales Funnel
🎦 How To Setup Email Sequence
🎦 How To Setup Facebook Ads

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...or 3 monthly payments of $37
Here's My Story...
My name is Dave Tanguay. I'm the owner of Interactive Online, a web design, hosting and digital marketing company with over 20 years experience. I'm also an avid CrossFitter for over 7 years.
I've built hundreds of websites, ran marketing campaigns for a some projects and a handful of  gyms... but for years something was missing from them.

It wasn't until I discovered the power of Creating a Sales Funnel to capture leads to inform, nurture and encourage potential members.... I finally realized what IS WORKING for businesses online RIGHT NOW!

Yes I knew how to create Ad Campaigns and capture emails... but I recently learned the psychology of the buying customer and what tactics are being used by successful businesses to convert visitors into new clients.

David Tanguay
  • Founded Interactive Online... a digital marketing, website design and hosting company
  • Over 20 years experience building and promoting websites
  • ​Avid CrossFitter for 7+ years
What is a Sales Funnel?
A Sales Funnel is the buying process businesses use to lead customers to a purchase. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which can differ, but we're going to stick with the basics.
Key Features Your Funnel Must Have:
  • Your Unbelievable Offer - Give away something of extreme value absolutely free
  • Create Scarcity - Only give away a limited amount of passes every month.
  • Social Proof - Show Your Facebook Reviews directly on your funnel.
  • Create Urgency - Encourage To Take Action Now... Right NOW!!!
  • Automated Email Sequence - Follow-up with your leads to nurture and encourage to make a commitment.
Here's What's Included...
How-To Video Training
This complete online video course will guide you step-by-step through the process of building and maintaining a Sales Funnel for your gym.
The focus of the course is on affordable "best practices" in the digital marketing and fitness industry... used to build awareness of your brand and get new members in the door!
Includes 57 pre-recorded videos such as Setting Up Your FunnelCreating your Automated Email Sequence, Managing your Facebook Ad Campaign and more!

Most videos are under 10 minutes so you can get through them as quickly as possible!
Value $497
The Fitness Sales Funnel 
Do you have a lead generating machine for your gym? One that you can turn on at any time to get leads and new members in your door?
This is an already built for you DIY sales funnel which captures a prospect's email address and encourages them to schedule their first class online.
You'll be able to download this funnel into your ClickFunnels account to customize with your brand.

Takes only a few hours to get setup!
Value $1,500 
Email Follow-up Sequence
One of the most import strategies you will need in order to run a successful marketing campaign... is to have an Automated Email Follow-up Sequence setup.

How many times have YOU made a purchase the first time you visited a website? Probably almost never... 

Typically when people visit your website they browse around, click a few pages and then move on to check out your competitor.

By sending online traffic to a Sales Funnel, backed by an automated email sequence, you'll be able to automatically follow up with interested prospects to nurture and encourage them to schedule their first class online!

Easy setup using MailChimp! Just import the Email Templates we've already created for you. 
Includes a course module showing you step-by-step on how to setup your auto email sequence.

Examples for a Free Pass campaign:
  • Free Pass Welcome Email
  • What’s your 1st fitness goal?
  • You may not believe this!
  • ​The Shocking Truth - 5 Steps to Losing Body Fat %
  • ​Quick Reminder
  • ​Need to schedule your first class still?
Value $500 
Facebook Ads Training
+ Learn the tactics used to get low cost leads from running a simple Facebook Ad Campaign.

+ Includes how to setup your Facebook Business Manager and Ad Account, as well as how to Create Your Ad and Manage it.

+ Includes professionally written ad copy you can use in your ads.

+ Best practices for image creation for your ads with examples.
Value $500 
Includes these EXCLUSIVE BONUSES you can't get anywhere else!
💥 Bonus 1 - ClickFunnels Fitness Website
An Easy to Setup 1-Page Website
This is a website built in ClickFunnels. 
It's ready to go, just customize with your logo, images and text.
Includes a course module with step-by-step instructions on how to setup and customize yourself. 
Takes only a few hours to setup!

Watch this 6 minute video of how it works.
Value $1,500 
💥Bonus 2 - WordPress Fitness Website
Multi-page WordPress Website For Your Gym
A one page website might not be sufficient for your gym. Most decide to use WordPress for their main website since it gives much more capabilities.... and is great for SEO purposes.

We've done a lot of the hard work for you and built out a WordPress site, focused on what a gym needs.

Includes 22 How-to Videos showing you step-by-step on how to restore the sample data to your site, how to customize it with your brand and how to maintain the website in the future.

This WordPress site is more advanced compared to a 1-page site... with multiple pages for Programs, Schedule, Events, Coaches and more.

Takes only a couple of focused hours (or days depending on your skills) to bring online!

Watch this 4 minute Overview
Value $3,000 
💥Bonus 3 - 1 Year WordPress Web Hosting
1-Year WordPress Web Hosting
Since you'll need a Web Hosting account for your Website and Email... we're giving you 1 free year of hosting absolutely free.
Your site will be hosted on our Web Hosting Service that has been online with a 99.9% uptime for over 20 years!

Includes website, file, database and email storage for your digital presence.

After the 1 free year is up you can choose to renew or cancel.
Value $231
💥Bonus 4 - 180 Fitness & Health Articles
Royalty Free Articles for Your Blog, Newsletter & Emails
You get all 180 royalty free articles to use on your blog, newsletters, emails and marketing campaigns. 

You will have full rights to use them for your brand without the risk of any copyright issues.

Examples of topics:
  • 8 Ways to Make Your Workout More Fun
  • ​The Foolproof Plan for Achieving Healthy Weight Loss
  • ​3 Secrets That Instantly Boost Your Motivation
  • ​How to Finally Make Exercise a Habit
  • ​Recovery Techniques To Use
  • ​The Modern Rules of Clean Eating
  • 10 Steps to Developing an Exercise Habit​
Value $331
💥Bonus 5 - 600 Free Images
Royalty Free Images for your Website & Marketing

Just like the royalty free articles from above... included are 600 royalty free images related to the fitness and health industry, which you can use for your marketing and digital properties.
Value $97
💥Bonus 6 - Customer Review Funnel
Customer / Member Review System
What's the #1 reason customers choose a particular business?


Use this funnel to get new testimonials from your members on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Google My Business and Yelp!
Watch the 4 minute Overview
Value $1,000
💥Bonus 7 - @Home Fitness Sales Funnel
Offer Online Workouts to Capture Leads
Offer pre-recorded workouts to capture leads from cold traffic and nurture them into becoming a paid member.

Steps 1 captures their name, email and phone number for text messages which gives them access to...

Step 2 of the funnel which is your pre-recorded workouts.

Steps 3 is a payment form for the lead to become a paid member.
Watch the 8 minute Overview
Value $1,500
---- Step #1: Contact Details ---- 
Your Full Name:
Company Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
---- Step #2: Billing Address ---- 
Street Address:
State / Province:
Zip Code / Postal Code:
---- Step #3: Credit Card Information ---- 
3 payments of $37
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
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ONE TIME OFFER - Today Only $997: Do you need our help building your sales funnel for you & getting your Facebook Campaign started? Perhaps you don't have the time or you'd like to get everything moving forward as soon as possible. Add this one-time offer to your order and we'll take care of your first campaign. This includes the initial setup of your funnel, settings up your Automated Email Sequence, setting up your Facebook Ad Campaign and managing all of above for 30 days. Does not include Facebook Ad Spend. Recommended Ad Spend for a 30 day period is $500-$750.

ONE TIME OFFER - Today Only $750: Need our help building your 1-Page ClickFunnels website for you? Add this one-time offer and we'll get it built! Includes setting up, customizing and launching a 1-3 page ClickFunnels Website.

ONE TIME OFFER - Today Only $1497: Need our help building your WordPress website for you? Add this one-time offer and we'll get it built!

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Here's What You'll Get:

Here's what is included
✅ The Fitness Sales Funnel
✅ ClickFunnels Fitness Website
✅ Member Review Funnel
✅ @Home Fitness Funnel
✅ WordPress Website
✅ 1 Year Web Hosting Service
✅ 180 Fitness Blog Posts
✅ 600 Fitness Images
Video Training
🎦 How To Build Your Website
🎦 How To Build a Sales Funnel
🎦 How To Setup Email Sequence
🎦 How To Setup Facebook Ads
💪 Access to Private FB Group

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$997 $97
...or 3 monthly payments of $37
"This is truly amazing and a blessing! This is working & will get us moving in the right direction! I’m so grateful for this incredible service to gym owners!"
- Jason Loguercio St Pete, FL
"Dave went above & beyond and far exceeded our expectations! He is very flexible, reliable & always timely in getting back to me. I would highly recommend Dave to any business owner. You won't be disappointed & he's are worth every penny!"
- Sara Esidore Wesley Chapel, FL

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